By Day

Yoga, surf, swim, snorkel, kayak, volleyball, whale watching, slackline, hula hoop and various beach games… Escape is located between a large crescent shaped sandy bay and green covered hills and tropical forest. During dry season and harmattan the sands of the beach return and create a beautiful waveless pool by the coconut tree rock. Admire tropical colourful birds and butterflies in our trees, visit the village of Cape Three Points and its lighthouse or adventure into the last coastal rainforest of West Africa with endangered species. Unleash your inner artist in a creative batik workshop. Or you can just read, write, or relax on our wrap around sofa, or get involved with our organic gardens or one of our construction projects.

By Night

Pause and enjoy the colours of the setting sun silhouetted by women coconut trees. Count the endless stars of the Milky Way on a moonless night or enjoy a romantic walk on the beach under a full moon. Identify the distance calls of insects, birds and small mammals from sunset through to sunrise. Have an aquatic world of stars flutter around your feet when plankton are mating in the ocean. Search for nesting turtles or newborn turtle hatchling racing to the sea. Join in a music making evening while being warmed by a bonfire on the beach. Dance the night away to sweet sounds from our solar powered sound system.

Surf Lessons

If you are coming to SURF at Escape there are various beach breaks immediately in front of our place as well as a left and right point break. The right point has been rated by Stormriders as the 65th best in the world. There are also a number of nearby point breaks and beach breaks which we can advise you on upon your arrival. Our surf varies on the season with typically heavier breaks during rainy season. If you are planning to come here to surf: bring your board and check the tide tables. There is a good surf report at Magic Seaweed for Mutrakni Point.

We have two surfboards for rent, but the surfing conditions at Cape Three Points and the specifications of our boards, make it most suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

In the lodge we offer you basic surf lessons for beginner including surf theory, practical lessons and board rental.

Cape Three Points Lighthouse

Visit the famous lighthouse of Cape Three Points with its spectacular 360° view of the whole coastal area. It is positioned at the closest land point to the centre of the world at 4 degrees latitude and 2 degrees longitude. For centuries, the Cape has been a landmark for ocean navigators. A very old lighthouse that was built in 1875 is still standing and no longer in use. The current lighthouse was built in 1925. Local guides will take you on a beautiful walk along the beach and through the village of Cape Three Points to the lighthouse.

The trip takes 1 to 1.5 hours (go and come back) and costs a small tip for the guide and entrance fees to the grounds and lighthouse.

Hike to Princess Town

Take a long walk to Prince’s Town, situated on a large stretch of coast on the eastern bank of the Nyila River mouth. The town is home to Fort Gross Friedrichsburg – the only castle in Ghana built by the Germans. Hear the history of the Brandenburger’s involvement in trade along the west coast. You will also hear about the legend of the ‘Black Prussian’ John, a local merchant-chief who defended the fort against the Dutch and the British. Enjoy the fort’s unique Germanic exposed stone architecture.

The trip takes 6-7 hours (go and come back).

Cape Three Points Forest Reserve

Take a walk into the relatively unexplored area of Cape Three Points Forest Reserve and explore its high biodiversity. This coastal rainforest has demarcated in 1949 and extends over 51km². It is home to a variety of birds, butterflies and also small populations of several large mammal species, including Diana monkey, white-crested sooty mangabey and bongo antilope.

The trip takes 3 hours (go and come back).

Mangrove Canoe Trip

Take a canoe ride through the magrove swamps in Akwidaa and marvel at the fascinating eco-system, prolofic with birdlife and butterflies and with a chance of seeing monkeys. The best time to go is early in the morning (6 - 7 am) but it can also be organized at other times. After you will walk through parts of the charming fishing village and see an old fort on the peninsula of Old Town Akwidaa.

The trip takes 2 hours (excluding transportation - 7 km).

We have a video of this excurtion in our gallery.

Yoga Class

Join our Vinyasa Power Yoga classes  Greet the sun, doing nice workout in our secret forest or on the beach. Sweat and relax doing a nice workout for your body and soul.

Breath in the fresh breeze of the see and get closer to the beautiful nature of this magical place.

We have a dedicated Yoga platform taking advantage fo the serene nature on all sides.  Become at one with your body and nature.

We offer classes for all levels. Beginners highly welcome.

Batik Workshop

Let some of the talented youth of Cape Three Points guide you in batik-making. This hands-on experience will teach you all the necessary steps of the process, and you will walk away with your own finished creation, your homemade t-shirt design or piece of fabric. All profits from this creative activity helps support the local youth.

from 30 GHS

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Drumming Lesson

Learn how to drum with Robert and Simon, our two talented local drummers. The two students from Cape Three Points show you different traditional ghanaian drum styles, and they will not hesitate to add some singing and dancing as well if you like. You can show off your skills at our evening bonfires.

from 30 GHS

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