About Us

About Us

Escape is built along a large pristine ever-changing golden sand beach, nestled between two rivers that flow to the sea and we are immediately backed by green covered hills. On our site you are surrounded by mango, orange, lime, neem, coconut, banana, plantain, oil palm, and obrofo nkatie trees and various flowers and shrubs. Throughout our organic gardens you will find fruits such as papaya and pineapple, vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, ginger, chili and green peppers and herbs such as basil and dill.

Escape is a project in constant evolution with physical construction which began in October 2008. The site has been open to guests since July 2009. You will feel at home within structures built of earth, bamboo, raffia, thatch and wood. Everything has been HAND BUILT, designed to fit harmoniously in with the surrounding environment, using APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY including natural and recycled materials. We use composting toilets and continue to explore different RENEWABLE ENERGY sources and alternative methods to keep our place as eco friendly as possible.

Services and Facilities

Services and Facilities

Beach front Eco-lodge

Restaurant and Bar

Organic farm

Farm to table dining

Local tours and excursions

Games, surfboards and other activities

Beach side gym

Children's Playground

Palm Tree Cathedral (yoga shala and multi use space)