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    MORINGA, called the “miracle tree”, is a highly nutritious tree which has been described as a medicinal herb able to prevent up to 300 disease using its leaves, flowers, bark and roots. Moringa trees have between known in West Africa for a long time for their leaves but it’s origin dates back to India in 2000 BC.  Some of the benefits:  immune system booster , anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.



    We grow our Moringa trees following strict ORGANIC practices. Leaves are handpicked and dried in solar dryers. The packaging is made in Ghana with organic rope from the north of the country, recyclable and minimizing use of plastic. We sell it on site and in three different shops in Accra.

    Our project is to share the benefits of Moringa to all and create a cooperative of local out-growers as a source of alternative income for the coastal communities around.

    How to use our Moringa leaves : as green tea (boil water with leaves for 10 mn)

    How to use our Moringa powder : add it to your smoothies, juice or as seasoning in your meals

    We also do inter cropping in the plantation and grow Lemongrass leaves that we harvest and package the same way. Lemongrass promotes healthy digestion, reduces fever and high blood pressure, anti-cholesterol, helps for colds and flu.

    How to use our Lemongrass leaves : as green tea (boil water with leaves for 10 mn) or as seasoning in your meals.

    Our range : Moringa powder / Moringa/Ginger tea, Moringa/Lemongrass tea, Moringa/Hibiscus tea, Lemongrass loose leaves. Make your choice !

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