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    - fresh, organic, homegrown, and homemade

    Our Escape Restaurant

    Our restaurant offers healthy and tasty food at affordable prices. Our meals are made with fresh ingredients and seasonal crops. We like to know where our food comes from, so a lot of what you find here is homemade such as our bread, jam, pickled vegetables, and juices.

    Fishermen from our two neighbouring villages of Cape Three Points and Akwidaa supply us with fresh fish and lobster when available.

    Our Garden

    Behind our restaurant lies our organic vegetable garden. From here we get a steady supply of bananas, papaya, passion fruit, green peppers, carrots, cabbage, butternut squash, cucumber, herbs, and much more. When you stay with us, we invite you to take a small tour with our gardener, who will happily show you around the gardens.

    Meals for all

    Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, allergic to nuts or lactose intolerant, we can accommodate your dietary needs and wishes at Escape3Points. Our food is not too spicy, but if you like, we can add some chili from our gardens. We generally serve Western food with a Ghanaian touch. Our menu varies from day to day.

    Our kitchen team is trained to uphold strict hygienic standards.

    How our Escape restaurant works

    At Escape we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Should you be hungry in between meals, we have an all-day menu and snacks. Breakfast is served from 7 to 10 a.m., lunch between 1 and 2 p.m., and dinner around 7 p.m.


    Our breakfast menu includes eggs prepared to your preference, porridge, pancakes, fruit salad, homemade toast and jam, baked beans, and sausages. We offer both instant and filtered coffee along with homegrown Moringa and lemongrass tea.

    Lunch and Dinner

    Our lunch and dinner menu changes daily. We usually have a couple of options for our main courses, and we always offer a vegetarian alternative at all meals. You can try one of our desserts if you like to have something sweet after your main course.

    Our restaurant is small and we are far away from the nearest market. Therefore we cannot provide our guests with a comprehensive menu. Instead our kitchen team puts their love and effort into a few dishes every day. We like to think quality over quantity. Also, this makes it much easier for us to manage our food stock and make sure that food waste is kept at a minimum.

    We ask you to help us place your lunch and dinner order in advance, so our kitchen can plan ahead and prepare portions.

    Other restaurant options in our area

    We are located 20 minutes walk from Cape Three Points village. The food options in the village are limited, but you will usually be able to find one or two local options. We ask you to be cautious of what you eat as the hygienic standards in the village can vary.

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