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    Homemade raffia and bamboo ladders at Escape3Points Ecolodge, Ghana.
    11 Jul

    Homemade Bamboo Ladders

    We get very valuable feedback in our suggestion box here at the ecolodge. One of the suggestions was to add more spaces for hanging clothes and towels. This has been on our list of small improvements for a while, so now we have made our own homemade ladders and put one in every house along with one big one in the dormitory.

    Homemade bamboo ladder in room at Escape3Points Ecolodge, Cape Three Points, Western Region, Ghana.

    The ladders are made by our handyman, Paul, using bamboo and raffia wood. They have been sanded, varnished, and then left in the sun to dry. See them on your next visit to Cape Three Points.

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