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    22 Jun

    Baby Turtles in June!

    Yesterday was a big day at Escape3Points. Uniquely for this time of the year, 89 baby turtles hatched in our turtle hatchery on the beach just south of Cape Three Points, Ghana. This is the story.

    May 1st 2016: 136 turtle eggs collected

    June 21st: 89 baby turtles helped to sea

    A video posted by @escape3points on

    May 1st

    On May 1st one turtle decided to defy the turtle season (September to March) and lay her eggs on our beautiful beach. Our night watch Kwesi saw her approach from the sea in the middle of the night. He watched from a distance as the she dug a hole in the sand and lay her eggs. Afterwards, she covered the eggs with sand and went back to the sea, leaving a big wide tractor tire like trail on the beach.

    Kwesi gathered the turtle eggs in a bucket and counted each and every turtle egg, as he carefully lay the eggs in a sand pit inside the safety of our turtle hatchery. 136 eggs, he counted.

    51 Days Later – June 21st

    We knew the date was approaching. Like previous mornings, we checked the turtle hatchery. Nothing yet. Later during the day, we safety checked the hatchery, and found a myriad of small turtles impatiently waiting to answer the call from the sea.

    We gathered all our team and Escape guests for the magical experience of releasing baby turtle hatchlings into the big Atlantic Ocean.

    We helped 89 turtles through the first stages of an adventurous life full of dangers. Hopefully, in a couple of years, some of these turtles will re-visit our beach and continue the cycle of turtle life in Ghana. The next few days we will be checking the turtle hatchery for latecomers.

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