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    Bamboo beach beds with recycled billboard poster. Ecotourism @Escape3Points Ecolodge in Ghana, Africa.
    16 May

    A Visit from Hopineo’s Eco-Experts

    Hopineo.org, what an admirable organisation!

    Hopineo logoHopineo.org is combing the world of hospitality, looking for eco-friendly lodges that put sustainable living at the forefront of their operations and inspire their guests and surrounding communities to follow suit.

    Recently, Escape3Points Ecolodge, had the honour of being one of the few chosen West African accommodation providers to welcome Hopineo’s very own Justine and Mahery. Together, we shared ideas and tips on sustainable tourism. As experts in the field, Justine and Mahery left us a good deal wiser and excited to take on their recommendations on saving water and energy, repelling mosquitos, managing waste, boosting our organic gardens, and much more.

    Hopefully, we have also inspired Hopineo.org to spread our own experiences and insights on sustainable architecture and low-impact living. Check out the superb videos Hopineo.org made during their visit to Escape3Points Ecolodge.

    Hopineo’s Presentation of Escape3Points Ecolodge

    Hopineo’s Interview on Responsible Tourism at Escape3Points Ecolodge

    Eco-Impressions From Hopine’s Visit

    Here is a small gallery of what caught the attention of Mahery and Justine during their visit to Escape.

    More About Hopineo.org

    Hopineo.org offers an abundance of tips and tools on responsible travel and sustainable living on their website, and you can find heaps of information about the leading eco-hotels they have visited all over the world – including Escape3Points Ecolodge. We strongly encourage you to check out this wonderful resource, before you book your next holiday.

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    1. We definitly did get inspired !! This place is amazing ! Thanks to all the team from Escape… for welcoming us, we had such a wonderful time with you guys and are looking forward to coming back asap 🙂 !

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