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    16 Dez

    Hammocks in Ghana

    With the beautiful beaches, easy-going lifestyle, and warm all-year temperatures, hammocks should be mandatory throughout Ghana. But for some strange reason, you can hardly find any here. We searched the Western Region for hammocks without success, so we had to make our...
    18 Okt

    Ghana Surfing with Sak at Escape

    We are delighted to share some beach and surfing footage from our long-time guest Sakchai. Five plus minutes of surfing at Cape Three Points, Ghana awaits you. Enjoy! Surfing Ghana – West Coast Dreaming Credits: Sakchai McDonough
    15 Jul

    Turtle Season Started!

    109 Turtle Eggs Yesterday, we woke up to big turtle tracks on the beach. As we followed the tracks, we found the turtle nest, where a turtle mama had laid her eggs, before returning to the sea. We counted 109 turtle eggs....

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