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  • The Concept

    scape is a CATALYST for positive change in the world. We do not think that we alone can change the world. We simply want to do our best to bring together many different IDEAS from around the world to build a place thats SUSTAINABLE on all levels; that leaves a SMALL FOOTPRINT in the world; and that can set an EXAMPLE for others to follow. We aim to do this by creating examples of alternative incomes through RESPONSIBLE tourism, ALTERNATIVE low cost building methods, natural fertilizers, renewable energy sources, alternatives to sanitation, etc. Through these initiatives, a relationship of LEARNING is formed between those in the COMMUNITY and those coming from outside. A BALANCE can be sought that will meet the needs of the people while PROTECTING endangered species of plants and animals.

    Escape is a site that invites others to join in combining research, public sensitization, education and training.


    Escape is located just outside of the village of Cape Three Points in Ghana, West Africa. The village is positioned at the closest land point to the centre of the world at 4 degrees latitude and 2 degrees longitude and the people within the village are predominantly fishermen and farmers.

    The Project

    Escape is a paradise where nature is at hand and also a site of ecological initiatives and experiences. We are nature lovers who wish to live in harmony with the environment and share our dreams with as many people as possible. At the same time a fusion of the needs of life and you Our door is open to you. Escape is more than just another place to stay and eat along the coast. It is a place built to have a positive outcome for the community of Cape Three Points; to help conserve aquatic life as well as protect the last remaining coastal forest in Ghana. It is in fact the first eco initiative at Escape… and it helps provide the necessary income to sustain the project for other eco initiatives.

    Our current project focuses are:

    • Organic Agriculture
    • Renewable Energy
    • Appropriate Technology Construction
    • Moringa Trees
    • Flora and Fauna

    Our Team

    A Canadian/ Ghanaian architect, who’s thesis was in low cost construction in Ghana, currently leads this project with a small team consisting of a French volunteer from France Volontaires (formerly AFVP), and two Ghanaians one who is a mason by trade and the other a jack of all trades. This multifaceted thinking and combination of complementary knowledge is one of the keys to our unique adventure. In addition to our small base team, we are assisted by friends from Cape 3 Points and other parts of Ghana and from abroad who join in to build our project and participate in our eco life experience.

    How to Take Part

    Escape opens the door for all persons, organizations or enterprises sharing the same values who wish to assist our project with time, ideas, knowledge, or funding.

    Different possible options:

    • To come take advantage of our eco lodge to discover the site and our eco experiences We are available for any questions regarding more information or concerning the current ongoing of the project.
    • For individual participants or groups involved with construction on the site as a part of a working holiday
    • To apply as a volunteer or for an internship
    • To finance construction and/ or equipment necessary for the development of our project (please contact us for more info including lists of needed materials and costs and our financing options)

    We are always available to provide more information concerning the current ongoing projects and to share ideas. Escape3points will continue to diversify, adding more aspects for positive human healing and interaction.

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