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    After a long day relaxing on the beach, going on a tour or having a workshop it's best to let the day fade out with a nice game of volleyball in the evening sun. The volleyball court is located directly in front of the lodge on the beach.
    Beach Volleyball

    Beach Volleyball

    Young woman doing Hula Hoop.

    Hula Hoop

    Hula Hoop

    Rock yourself up a little on the beach with our nice handmade colorful hula hoops. If you're small or big or young or old it doesn't matter. Grab a hula and get going! 🙂

    Slackline & Balance Board

    If you want to push your balancing skills to a new level try our slackline! Sheltered from the sun between the trees you can forget everything around you while you try to get from one side to the other - backwards 😉 Or, if you're not that into walking in great heights, perform stunning tricks while trying not to lose balance on our self made mahagoni balance board. Caution advised.


    Beach Games

    Here at Escape we have many different beach and bar games that you can borrow and try out. Beginning with balls in every shape and size, going over darts and pool there are also traditional desk games as kalaha or chess available.
    Beach Games Photo

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