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    Prince’s Town

    Take a long walk to Prince’s Town, situated on a large stretch of coast on the eastern bank of the Nyila River mouth. The town is home to Fort Gross Friedrichsburg – the only castle in Ghana built by the Germans. Hear the history of the Brandenburger’s involvement in trade along the west coast. You will also hear about the legend of the ‘Black Prussian’ John, a local merchant-chief who defended the fort against the Dutch and the British. Enjoy the fort’s unique Germanic exposed stone architecture.

    The trip takes 6-7 hours (go and come back).

    Cape Three Points Forest Reserve

    C3P forest (2)
    Take a walk into the relatively unexplored area of Cape Three Points Forest Reserve and explore its high biodiversity. This coastal rainforest has demarcated in 1949 and extends over 51km². It is home to a variety of birds, butterflies and also small populations of several large mammal species, including Diana monkey, white-crested sooty mangabey and bongo antilope.

    The trip takes 3 hours (go and come back).

    Mangroves Canoe Trip

    canoe trip (4)
    Take a canoe ride through the magrove swamps in Akwidaa and marvel at the fascinating eco-system, prolofic with birdlife and butterflies and with a chance of seeing monkeys. The best time to go is early in the morning (6 - 7 am) but it can also be organized at other times. After you will walk through parts of the charming fishing village and see an old fort on the peninsula of Old Town Akwidaa.

    The trip takes 2 hours (excluding transportation - 7 km).

    Cape Three Points Lighthouse

    Cape Three Points Lighthouse

    Visit the famous lighthouse of Cape Three Points with its spectacular 360° view of the whole coastal area. It is positioned at the closest land point to the centre of the world at 4 degrees latitude and 2 degrees longitude. For centuries, the Cape has been a landmark for ocean navigators. A very old lighthouse that was built in 1875 is still standing and no longer in use. The current lighthouse was built in 1925. Local guides will take you on a beautiful walk along the beach and through the village of Cape Three Points to the lighthouse.

    The trip takes 1 to 1.5 hours (go and come back) and costs a small tip for the guide and entrance fees to the grounds and lighthouse.

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