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    By Day

    Yoga, surf, swim, snorkel, kayak, volleyball, whale watching, slackline, hula hoop and various beach games… Escape is located between a large crescent shaped sandy bay and green covered hills and tropical forest. During dry season and harmattan the sands of the beach return and create a beautiful waveless pool by the coconut tree rock. Admire tropical colourful birds and butterflies in our trees, visit the village of Cape Three Points and its lighthouse or adventure into the last coastal rainforest of West Africa with endangered species. Unleash your inner artist in a creative batik workshop. Or you can just read, write, or relax on our wrap around sofa, or get involved with our organic gardens or one of our construction projects.

    By Night

    Pause and enjoy the colours of the setting sun silhouetted by women coconut trees. Count the endless stars of the Milky Way on a moonless night or enjoy a romantic walk on the beach under a full moon. Identify the distance calls of insects, birds and small mammals from sunset through to sunrise. Have an aquatic world of stars flutter around your feet when plankton are mating in the ocean. Search for nesting turtles or newborn turtle hatchling racing to the sea. Join in a music making evening while being warmed by a bonfire on the beach. Dance the night away to sweet sounds from our solar powered sound system.

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